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"For Greater Glory": the newly released powerful film on the Cristero War in Mexico. (2012 A.D.) Retail price $12.00 DVD (new and factory sealed) *Limited Supply

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"Guilty of Treason": This film is about Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty (1892-1975), and his struggle with the communist occupation in Hungary (1950 A.D.) 87 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD (new and factory sealed) *Limited Supply

"The Passion and The Power of Christ": First, a rarely seen silent film that starts from the Annunciation of Our Lady and continues to Our Lord's Ascension. This film is titled The Life and Passion of Christ and was well done considering it is from 1905 A.D.! 43 min. B&W/Color (that's right, frames of this film were colored by hand). Second, includes another rarely seen film called The Power and The Resurrection, which tells of Christ's last days thru the eyes of Saint Peter the Apostle. (1962 A.D.) 58 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD (new and factory sealed) *Limited Supply

"The Confession: a rare silent film that deals with the sacrament of confession, and how a Catholic Priest is bound by the seal of confession... even if it means the wrongful execution of his own brother! The film is another gem for any Catholic DVD library! (1920 A.D.) 77 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD (new and factory sealed) *Limited Supply

Loretta Young's "The Road to Lourdes and Other Miracles of Faith: This is a compilation of several episodes from the 1950s TV series (The Loretta Young Show). There is a pilgrimage to Lourdes France and other stories of faith based on the life of a nun and friend of Loretta Young. (1950s A.D.) Approx. 130 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD (new and factory sealed) *Very Limited Supply

Mater Dei Exclusive DVDs

"The Spanish Civil War": Another rare (suppressed) in depth documentary produced in Protestant England. The film is sympathetic to the communists cause, but a Catholic perspective is given also. A great documentary to view with "Catholic eyes". (1983 A.D.) 314 min. Retail price $20.00 on 2 DVDs

"In Search of Noah’s Ark": appeared in theaters in the 1970's, and the best documentary on this subject. (1976 A.D.) 99 min. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"Saint Benedict: His Life and Miracles": based on the book 'The Life of Saint Benedict' by Pope St. Gregory the Great, this is a great film on the founder of the Benedictine Order. (1945 A.D.) 90 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"The Story Of The Pope": documentary on the early years and pontificate of Pope Pius XII. Filmed shortly after the end of WWII. 59 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"The Myth of The Spanish Inquisition": Co-produced by A&E and the BBC. This suppressed documentary exposes how Protestant nations through their newly invented printing press, waged a vicious propaganda campaign against Christ's Church and Spain. These lies are still believed by many today. (1994 A.D.) 48 min. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"Citizen Saint": Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was the first citizen of the United States to be canonized by the Catholic Church. Pope Pius XII canonized her on July 7, 1946. A year later the film presented here tells her glorious story. (1947 A.D.) 64 min. B&W. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"CATHOLICS": Just a chilling film released shortly after the "revolutionary" changes in the Vatican and its intolerance to the Tridentine Mass. Comes with an equally chilling insert from the book the film is based on: Catholics, by Brian Moore. The film takes place in Ireland, stars a young Martin Sheen as the modernist priest and Trevor Howard as the confused "obedient" Abbot. An important film for our modernist times. (1973 A.D.) 77 min. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"Damien": as it originally aired on Hawaiian Public Television, Father Damien looks back and tells of his 16 years on Molokai. (1977 A.D.) 89 min. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"Damien, The Leper Priest": A rare film about Father Damien's life and experiences on Molokai. Ken Howard (of the late 1970s TV show, The White Shadow) does well as Father Damien. (1980 A.D.) 96 min. Retail price $12.00 DVD

"Los Enigmas de Guadalupe": El mejor documental sobre nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (The best documentary on Our Lady of Guadalupe). 138 min. (1991 A.D.) en Espanol (I’m working on English subtitles). Retail price $12.00 DVD

Other DVDs of Concern

"The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes": Oliver Stone called this rare documentary "the perfect companion piece to 'JFK', the movie". Over 50 years have passed since this happened to JFK,
The only Catholic president in the history of the USA.
Really an eye opening film... (1992A.D.) 95 min. Retail price $15.00 DVD

The JFK Assassination: "Rush to Judgment / Two Men in Dallas": One can't talk about the assassination of President John Kennedy and not mention the great work of New York lawyer Mark Lane. In Rush to Judgment (1966 A.D.), Lane goes to Dallas and interviews many people who for the love of truth, tell what they saw on November 22, 1963. In Two Men in Dallas (1976 A.D.), Lane interviews perhaps one of the biggest heroes of the JFK assasination, Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig. Craig's love for truth ultimately cost him his life. 2 DVDs, Total Running Time: 145 min. Retail price $15.00 on 2 DVDs

Mater Dei Exclusive CDs

Father E.C. Buckley, S.J., Collection on CD: This Thomistic Theologian explains the Catholic faith in pre and post Vatican II. One may agree or disagree, but there are two conclusions we will all come to: he was very qualified and extremely interesting. 10 CDs, 181 total mp3 files, presented in a 10 CD book-like jewel case with cover. Included is a short biography on this great priest. Excellent for the serious Catholic. Retail price $45.00 CDs

New Arrivals

"Our Lady of Guadalupe 3D Image": This is an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, but in 3D. We have never seen anything like it before... so we have made the decision to start selling this also. It comes factory sealed with dimensions of: 18in x 25in and a black wood frame included. Retail price $25.00 (plus shipping) All orders for this item will be shipped separately.

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